SpinPro Dynamic Flow Reactors

SpinPro reactors are unique as they grant independent control over both mixing intensity and production capacity. The rapidly rotating disc  in a very narrow housing generates very high shear forces and extremely intense turbulence. This will shorten production times from many hours in batch to mere seconds in flow.

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SpinPro Dynamic Flow Reactors

SpinPro technology is well suited for multiphase chemistry:

  • Liquid/gas
  • Liquid/liquid
  • Precipitation reactions
  • Controlled emulsification

Key Features are:

  • Excellent mass transfer
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Closed system
  • Economic and safe operation due to low reactor volume
  • Scalability to tonne-scale production
  • Modular set up enabling custom configurations
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Application Examples

Organometallic Chemistry
Read more about the benefits of butyl-lithium chemistry performed in SpinPro reactors.

Easy to scale up and safe. Flexible skid for production operational.

Chlorination, gas / liquid reaction using Tantalum SpinPro reactor.

Controlled Emulsification
Read more about precise and accurate emulsification in the SpinPro in this post.

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SpinPro Reactor Specifications

The table below illustrates the SpinPro Reactor configurations. A range of options is available; higher pressures, higher temperatures, ATEX and GMP. Several setups, complete with dosing systems, are available for rent. Flowid offers process development support to assist you with continuous processing. For more information contact Flowid

SpinPro R1

Volume: 1 mL / 2 mL
Stages: 1
Disc speed: 8000 rpm
Max. pressure: 5 barg
Max. temperature: 140 °C