Official photograph of the Modular Flow Skid, finalized by Flowid.

We are thrilled to unveil the official photograph of the Modular Flow Skid, recently finalized by Flowid This cutting-edge production plant has been designed and constructed to make pharmaceutical chemicals safe, efficient, and fast. The [...]

Successful Factory Acceptance Test for Pharma Flow Plant

Together with our multinational pharmaceutical client, we successfully finalized the Factory Acceptance Test for one of the most substantial Flow Reactor Skids for API production in the world! It's a truly impressive sight to see [...]

Strategic Expansion: An Aerial Overview of Our New Facilities.

Exciting News! We are proud to unveil an aerial view of our new office and manufacturing facilities, captured beautifully by a drone. This significant expansion underscores our commitment to growth and our dedication to serving [...]

Industry goes with the Flow

Flowid looks at the implementation of continuous manufacturing in the speciality chemicals and pharmaceutical industries Whilst continuous production, or flow, is a mainstream technology in the petrochemical industry, it has seen only limited implementation in [...]

SpinPro R10 – Flow reactor, for chemical process development and production

SpinPro R10 is our small-scale ceramic (SiC) flow reactor, suited for chemical process development and production. SpinPro R10 enables processes to be developed and directly scaled to tonne-scale production using SpinPro R300. Made from silicon [...]

Butyl-Lithium Chemistry in the Flowid SpinPro Reactors

Flowid has performed experiments to improve the efficiency and safety of highly hazardous lithium-halogen exchange reactions. These experiments show the advantages of using the SpinPro technology versus conventional batch technology for these kinds of reactions. [...]

Buchem Experiences the Advantages of Flow Chemistry

Chemtrix, Flowid & Buchem are proud to announce their collaboration on a joint project in the area of flow chemistry. Buchem specializes in the development, manufacture & worldwide sales of chemicals for the laboratory, hospital [...]

Precise and Accurate Emulsification in the SpinPro

The SpinPro is unique in the field of emulsification as it allows for a high degree of freedom on the amount of shear that is applied to the emulsifying fluids, independent of the total throughput [...]

Making the impossible possible: Butyl Lithium chemistry

The companies ChemConnection B.V., Ajinomoto Omnichem N.V. and Flowid B.V., in cooperation with ISPT, started a combined project, partially funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), to investigate the potential of performing organic synthesis with [...]

Chimex Dosing Skid

Chimex is a French company that designs, develops, and markets increasingly eco-friendly processes for the fine chemical, biotech, and cosmetic industries. Flowid has recently engineered and realised the construction of a dosing skid for Chimex. [...]