december 2014

SpinPro Reactor suited for Butyl Lithium reaction

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Flowid demonstrated that the SpinPro Reactor is well suited for performing hazardous and pyrophoric Lithium Halogen Exchange. An extensive engineering and safety effort resulted in successful experiments performed in Flowid’s own facilities in Eindhoven, The [...]

augustus 2014

Launch of EmulTech’s Infinity, engineered and realised by Flowid

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Eindhoven University of Technology spin-off EmulTech last week launched INFINITY: a unit that allows pharmaceutical companies to encapsulate medicines with very high precision. The resulting microparticle all have exactly the same size and medicine content, [...]

juni 2014

Flowid Pilot Plant Capabilities

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In eleven weeks Flowid engineered and constructed a pharmaceutical pilot plant. This plant is in operation since the beginning of 2014 in Flowid’s pilot hall. We look forward to discuss our pilot plant capabilities with [...]

april 2014

Launch of Flowid transportable pilot plants at Hannover Messe

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Flowid currently exhibits at the Hannover Messe in the Holland High Tech Pavillion. Hall 2 D10. Two transportable production units are presented. The Reactor en Extractor production units are based on the Spinid spinning disc [...]

maart 2014

Case study – Flexibility

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Problem Description One of our customers, a large manufacturer of flow reactors in the (pharma) industry, was looking for a suitable testing site to further develop a highly exothermic process using dangerous chemicals. They had [...]

mei 2013

FlowFlex platform launched

By |mei 31st, 2013|Categories: dosing systems, flowflex|

The FlowFlex is an automated modular continuous process development platform. The set-up is highly flexible in performing different kinds of flow chemistry based on different continuous technologies. All modules have the same dimensions and can [...]

juli 2012

Flowid and EmulTech realize unique platform for emulsification processes

By |juli 4th, 2012|Categories: dosing systems, mixing, pharma|

The Eindhoven high-tech companies Flowid B.V. and EmulTech B.V. cooperated in the realization of a unique laboratorial platform for EmulTech’s ET4ME technology. This patented microfluidic technology is used for the development of drug delivery formulations [...]

september 2011

Quantum Dot Continuous Flow Processing Breakthrough Achieved

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With this advance, researchers and manufacturers have the opportunity to now incorporate Quantum Materials Tetrapod Quantum Dots into new state-of-the-art electronics products that require industrial scale amounts of material. This new quantum dot production process using [...]

april 2011

Phase Transfer Catalyzed Reaction in Micro Flow Chemistry

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Summary This application Note describes the benefits of micro flow chemistry for biphasic liquid-liquid reactions with a Phase Transfer Catalyzed (PTC) type of reaction. For a model reaction Flowid realized a 3 times higher production [...]