SpinPro R10 – Flow reactor, for chemical process development and production

SpinPro R10 is our small-scale ceramic (SiC) flow reactor, suited for chemical process development and production. SpinPro R10 enables processes to be developed and directly scaled to tonne-scale production using SpinPro R300. Made from silicon carbide, SpinPro offers the superior chemical resistance and heat transfer needed for challenging flow chemistry applications. Excellent mass transfer Excellent [...]

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Flow Chemistry Pavilion – A first for visitors to ACHEMA 2018!

At ACHEMA 2018 (11-15th June, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) the new Flow Chemistry Pavilion will host the most advanced, innovative companies & knowledge institutes in the continuous manufacturing market, presenting an opportunity for visitors to learn more about this increasingly important topic!  With flexible production selected as a focal topic for ACHEMA 2018, the Flow ChemistryPavilion highlights the importance of flow [...]

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Butyl-Lithium Chemistry in the Flowid SpinPro Reactors

Flowid has performed experiments to improve the efficiency and safety of highly hazardous lithium-halogen exchange reactions. These experiments show the advantages of using the SpinPro technology versus conventional batch technology for these kinds of reactions. Key results are the ease of scaling up to commercial production and flexibility to perform different chemical reactions in the [...]

Buchem Experiences the Advantages of Flow Chemistry

Chemtrix, Flowid & Buchem are proud to announce their collaboration on a joint project in the area of flow chemistry. Buchem specializes in the development, manufacture & worldwide sales of chemicals for the laboratory, hospital & chemical markets, with a main focus on production scales up to 1000 kg per year. In 2015, Buchem encountered [...]

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Sugars, Celluloses and Lignin Scaling up towards BioBased Building Blocks This collaboration within the framework of OP-Zuid is focused on the development of an interregional campus eco-system and accompanying key-infrastructure for the conversion of renewable raw materials to biobased building blocks. Within the SCeLiO-4B project a testing-ground of affordable and broadly accessible infrastructure for biobased [...]

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Dream. Dare. Do.

At the opening of the academic year 2016-2017, the 60th anniversary of the TU/e was celebrated. The anniversary has the theme Dream, Dare,  Do. It reflects the ambition the TU/e and its students to actively put their knowledge into practice. This may be as entrepreneurs or as scientists, but always to change society for the better.   Flowid was [...]

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Precise and Accurate Emulsification in the SpinPro

The SpinPro is unique in the field of emulsification as it allows for a high degree of freedom on the amount of shear that is applied to the emulsifying fluids, independent of the total throughput through the system. This results in constant droplet size distribution at the outlet with a high degree of control. Recently, [...]

Start-up fest Europe

Flowid was selected amongst the top 5 of Dutch start-up companies to pitch during the opening event of Start-up fest. A film crew followed Flowid before and during the event. It has resulted in the three video's below. They are in Dutch.

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SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India

Flowid BV and Pi Process Intensification are proud to announce the opening of our integrated SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India in November 2015. 'This test facility in New-Mumbai allows our customers to try their reaction(s) of interest on our SpinPro Reactor' comments Vijay Kirpalani of Pi-Process Intensification. SpinPro is a versatile SpinDisk Reactor [...]

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Yearly general political considerations 2015 – Flowid

https://youtu.be/I4RQ2UPnpig Labor party leader Diederik Samsom mentions Flowid during the general political considerations in the Dutch House of Representatives (de Tweede Kamer). He does this in a plea to invest in renewable energy and new, promising technologies. Samsom benoemt Flowid tijdens Beschouwingen in zijn oproep om te investeren in nieuwe kansrijke technologieën. "Mag ik [...]

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