Process Development

Process engineering expertise for lab and pilot trials at Flowid’s facilities or at client’s premises.

Continuous Reactor Skids

Flowid designs, engineers and realises dedicated pilot&production plants based on various continuous reactor platforms.

SpinPro Reactors

Scalable continuous reactors with high mass and heat transfer. Unique control over the most demanding continuous applications:

Design and Prove Continuous Solutions
Accurate dosing is essential
The solution for multiphase reactions

SpinPro Reactor Rental

Flowid develops process solutions and products that can be implemented in all stages of the process industry, from lab to pilot and production scale. Our solutions are easily scalable from prototype to full-scale production.

Our solutions have a great look & feel and have very user-friendly interfaces, putting the user firmly in control of all his processes.

Want to try? Flowid has several set-ups you can hire. For more information contact Flowid.

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