Flowid is leading in continuous process solutions.

From process development services to convert batch processes into continuous processes, to the engineering and construction of skids based on flow technology. These continuous solutions are offered on a laboratory-, pilot- and production scale.

With Flowid’s proprietary SpinPro technology, a unique continuous flow reactor is provided to control fast exothermic multiphase reactions, and perform precipitation and emulsification applications.

Process Development

At Flowid we have a variety of equipment available for the best solution. A fully equipped laboratory and a dedicated pilot hal is part of Flowid’s infrastructure. Testing is possible on laboratory, pilot and scale.

  • Close collaboration with client
  • Various continuous reactor platforms
  • Reactor and dosing skid rental
Process Development

Continuous Reactor Skids

Flowid designs, engineers and realises dedicated pilot&production plants based on various continuous reactor platforms.

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Accurate flow control
  • Turn-key skids
Continuous Reactor Skids

SpinPro Reactors

Scalable continuous reactors with high mass and heat transfer. Unique control over the most demanding continuous applications:

  • Multiphase chemistry
  • Precipitation reactions
  • Emulsification processes
The solution for multiphase applications