Making the microreactor breakthrough happen
Smaller footprint
Flowid – Safety, Efficiency and Flexibility Beyond Standards

At Flowid, we believe that solutions which can increase safety, efficiency and flexibility of the world of chemistry lie far beyond the beaten track.

To reach these Flowid takes a truly different approach by:

  • Creating extremely efficient small scale reactors capable of handling highly exothermic and challenging chemical reactions at high temperatures and pressures, for maximum safety and efficiency
  • Working together with our customers to test and develop the best possible setup for their complex processes, providing full flexibility in test setup and modular components
  • Developing custom all-in-one reactor/extractor solutions with a tiny footprint and small reaction volumes, for maximum safety and minimum space requirements.

We like to think beyond existing standards and principles. We combine our customers' indispensable process knowledge and our own expertise and technology to create safe, efficient and flexible solutions that line up perfectly with our customers’ needs. In addition, our solutions have a great look & feel and have very user friendly interfaces, which put the user firmly in control of all their processes.

To achieve all this, we develop process solutions and products that can be implemented in all stages of the process industry: from R&D to pilot plants. Our solutions are easily scalable from prototype to production capacity.