SpinPro Reactor

The SpinPro Reactor

The SpinPro Reactor is a continuous reactor that allows chemical reactions to take place in seconds in a highly controlled and safe manner. Performing reactions under process intensified conditions result in high energy- and resource efficiency, improved product quality and flexibility in production and development.

The SpinPro Reactor is not to be confused with a ‘thin film spinning disc reactor‘. Read about the differences in this blog post.

SpinPro Reactor: Key Features

The SpinPro technology is well suited for multiphase chemistry. Liquid/gas, liquid/liquid or combinations. Furthermore, it can handle precipitation reactions. SpinPro technology is also excellent for controlled emulsification.

Application Examples

Read more about the benefits of butyl-lithium chemistry performed in SpinPro reactors.
Easy to scale up and safe. Flexible skid for production operational.
Chlorination, gas / liquid reaction using Tantalum SpinPro reactor. Six-week trial at customer site.
Read more about precise and accurate emulsification in the SpinPro in this post.

Platform Scalability

Results from small SpinPro reactors are scalable to larger SpinPro reactors.

SpinPro Reactor Specifications

The table below illustrates the SpinPro Reactor configurations. A range of options is available; higher pressures, higher temperatures, ATEX and GMP. Several setups, complete with dosing systems, are available for rent. Flowid offers process development support to assist you with continuous processing. For more information contact Flowid
SpinPro R10  SpinPro R300
Volume [ml] 19 135/230*
Stages [#] 3 3
Disc speed [RPM] 8000 3000
Max Pressure [Barg] 10 10
Max Temperature [C] 160 160
Download leaflet R10 Leaflet R300 Leaflet

*Volume is dependent on disc type and customer needs

Examples relevant to the SpinPro Reactor:

SpinPro Reactor suited for Butyl Lithium reaction

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Flowid demonstrated that the SpinPro Reactor is well suited for performing hazardous and pyrophoric Lithium Halogen Exchange. An extensive engineering and safety effort resulted in successful experiments performed in Flowid’s own facilities in Eindhoven, The [...]