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Flowid BV and Pi Process Intensification are proud to announce the opening of our integrated SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India in November 2015. ‘This test facility in New-Mumbai allows our customers to try their reaction(s) of interest on our SpinPro Reactor’ comments Vijay Kirpalani of Pi-Process Intensification.

SpinPro is a versatile SpinDisk Reactor with throughputs upto 10 m3/day. A product for Industrial Continuous Manufacturing from Flowid BV in the Netherlands. Please click here for more info on Flowid and SpinPro.

To learn more about Industrial Continuous Manufacturing, please click here. In addition to providing an overview of commercial examples of industrial scale continuous manufacturing, this link focuses on the key points to consider when embarking on the development of a continuous process.

for Trials contact : Vijay Kirpalani, vk@pi-inc.co, +91-9321342022 / +91-9821342022