Process Development

At Flowid we have a variety of equipment available for the best solution. A fully equipped laboratory and a dedicated pilot hal is part of Flowid’s infrastructure. Testing is possible on laboratory, pilot and scale.

Process Development examples


FlowFlex is an automated modular platform for developing continuous flow processes. The configuration is highly flexible and can be used for different kinds of flow chemistry based on various continuous technologies. The many modules can easily be interchanged to quickly determine the optimum setup for your process.

FlowFlex is designed for both experimental work as well as high quality/low volume lab production: a tiny test or production plant in your fume hood.

Do you have a process you want to test? The FlowFlex Platform is available for hire or purchase. Please contact us for more details.

More about the FlowFlex


The SpinPro technology features rotating discs with the size of a DVD. The discs rotate at high velocities inside a narrow casing. This generates high shear and high gravity forces providing excellent mixing characteristics, resulting in high heat and mass transfer rates. Where conventional equipment is mostly gravity force driven, the SpinPro technology uses high gravity force and high shear force to contact process streams. Unprecedented process controllability combined with high throughput makes this a unique production technology for high quality products. Due to the small distance between the disc and the encasement, the inner volume is very small resulting in intrinsic safety.

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