Process Development

‘Beyond Standards’ is Flowid’s slogan for a reason. We have an open approach. Starting with getting a thorough understanding about a process by listening and questioning your experts. During the engineering phase we don’t jump to conclusions. We have a variety of equipment available for testing to eliminate the unknown and uncertain. A fully equipped laboratory and a dedicated pilot hal is part of Flowid’s infrastructure. Testing is possible on laboratory and pilot scale. Scaling up between the two is what we do best.

Process development examples:

SpinPro R300 eliminates necessity of Hydrogen Sulphide in Multiphase reaction

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The SpinPro reactor has recently been used on-site. Goal of this project was to experimentally determine the performance of the SpinPro reactor for a multiphase reaction between a gas and two liquid phases, one aqueous [...]

Flowid makes first sale of the SpinPro reactor to a client in India

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SpinPro technology is more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly Dutch chemical technology company Flowid has made its first sale of a SpinPro reactor unit to a company in India last month. The unit, based on [...]

SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India

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Flowid BV and Pi Process Intensification are proud to announce the opening of our integrated SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India in November 2015. 'This test facility in New-Mumbai allows our customers to try [...]

Yearly general political considerations 2015 – Flowid

By |september 16th, 2015|Categories: uncategorized| Labor party leader Diederik Samsom mentions Flowid during the general political considerations in the Dutch House of Representatives (de Tweede Kamer). He does this in a plea to invest in renewable energy and [...]

The contours of the hall begin to emerge

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Highest point Brighlands facilities reached

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