Process Development

At Flowid we have a variety of equipment available for the best solution. A fully equipped laboratory and a dedicated pilot hal is part of Flowid’s infrastructure. Testing is possible on laboratory, pilot and scale.

Process development examples:

Flowid zoekt een proces chemicus

Wij zoeken een: Proces-chemicus Chemie omzetten van batch naar flow Experimenteel plan opzetten Experimenten uitvoeren bij klant of Flowid Ondersteunen van sales & marketing Flowid - Continuous Process Technology Solutions Flowid is gespecialiseerd in continue [...]

Flowid zoekt een Procestechnoloog

Wij zoeken een: Procestechnoloog Basic & detailed engineering Sourcing & Documentation Realisation, Installation & Commissioning Flowid - Continuous Process Technology Solutions Flowid is gespecialiseerd in continue flow reactoren voor de chemische en farmaceutische industrie. Deze [...]

Industry goes with the Flow

Flowid looks at the implementation of continuous manufacturing in the speciality chemicals and pharmaceutical industries Whilst continuous production, or flow, is a mainstream technology in the petrochemical industry, it has seen only limited implementation in [...]

SpinPro R10 – Flow reactor, for chemical process development and production

SpinPro R10 is our small-scale ceramic (SiC) flow reactor, suited for chemical process development and production. SpinPro R10 enables processes to be developed and directly scaled to tonne-scale production using SpinPro R300. Made from silicon [...]

Butyl-Lithium Chemistry in the Flowid SpinPro Reactors

Flowid has performed experiments to improve the efficiency and safety of highly hazardous lithium-halogen exchange reactions. These experiments show the advantages of using the SpinPro technology versus conventional batch technology for these kinds of reactions. [...]

Buchem Experiences the Advantages of Flow Chemistry

Chemtrix, Flowid & Buchem are proud to announce their collaboration on a joint project in the area of flow chemistry. Buchem specializes in the development, manufacture & worldwide sales of chemicals for the laboratory, hospital [...]