The Eindhoven high-tech companies Flowid B.V. and EmulTech B.V. cooperated in the realization of a unique laboratorial platform for EmulTech’s ET4ME technology. This patented microfluidic technology is used for the development of drug delivery formulations with high degree of uniformity, solubility, tailored release, benign processes and reproducibility. Flowid succeeded in the design and realization of this platform in which all process critical equipment is combined in one compact and robust apparatus, easy to control, and ready to use in environments that meet pharmaceutical standards.

EmulTech B.V. called the ready to use platform ‘HercuTech’ and it will be part of their development projects for clients. By means of the HercuTech, thorough and fast research and development work can be performed to determine the process variables of the drug delivery formulations.

Flowid B.V. once again showed their capability to realize small and compact ‘skids’ in which large amounts of equipment is efficiently combined. Hereby, the ease of use is drastically being increased while reducing the wear on sensitive and expensive equipment.

Wessel Hengeveld, the Director Technology of Flowid, is pleased with the realization of the skid. “The well thought through design of the skid resulted in a system that fulfills all requirements of EmulTech and their clients. Besides the fact that it works exactly as foreseen, it also looks terrific and it’s easy to use. Flowid really showed their capability to realize small scale skids for laboratorial use.”

Robin de Bruijn, the CTO of EmulTech, adds: “The HercuTech platform really enables us to meet the demands of our clients and fulfill their needs. Now, EmulTech can perform feasibility studies even more flexible and even take the whole platform to the client on a simple and effective manner, ready for them to use it as well and experience the capabilities the ET4ME technology provides.”

EmulTech B.V. develops drug delivery systems using its superior microparticulate technology. This proprietary Emulsion Technology for Micro Encapsulates (ET4ME) is a highly versatile process, providing solutions to many current market demands, including uniformity, and reproducibility issues. The company is able to quickly test various formulations, requiring only small volumes and its parallel scale up strategy allows for swift and reproducible scale up.

Flowid B.V. is an engineering firm specialized in production scale implementation of continuous flow chemistry. Flowid offers solutions by providing a broad pallet of related expert services and specialized equipment. In the field of chemical technology Flowid has been awarded several times for its innovative and groundbreaking work.