FlowFlex: Lab Scale Development Platform

FlowFlex is an automated modular platform for developing continuous flow processes. The configuration is highly flexible and can be used for different kinds of flow chemistry based on various continuous technologies. The many modules can easily be interchanged to quickly determine the optimum setup for your process.

FlowFlex is designed for both experimental work as well as high quality/low volume lab production: a tiny test or production plant in your fume hood.

Do you have a process you want to test? The FlowFlex Platform is available for hire or purchase. Please contact us for more details.

Over a dozen standardised FlowFlex modules have been designed and built. Several different type of dosing systems and continuous reaction modules are available including micro reactor, static mixer and spinning disc.

FlowFlex: Solid base for client specific demands

The FlowFlex methodology forms a solid foundation for specific client demands that don't fit the standardised modulair approach. Several client specific FlowFlex systems have been engineered and manufactured.

Launch of EmulTech’s Infinity, engineered and realised by Flowid

Eindhoven University of Technology spin-off EmulTech last week launched INFINITY: a unit that allows pharmaceutical companies to encapsulate medicines with very high precision. The resulting microparticle all have exactly the same size and medicine content, [...]

Case study – Flexibility

Problem Description One of our customers, a large manufacturer of flow reactors in the (pharma) industry, was looking for a suitable testing site to further develop a highly exothermic process using dangerous chemicals. They had [...]

FlowFlex platform launched

The FlowFlex is an automated modular continuous process development platform. The set-up is highly flexible in performing different kinds of flow chemistry based on different continuous technologies. All modules have the same dimensions and can [...]