For Shell Global Solutions, Flowid engineered, developed and realised an instrument for measuring the fouling behaviour of crude oil fractions. Flowid functioned as a flexible and innovate partner for developing such non-existing custom instrument for Shell Global Solutions.

In an autoclave, fluid is kept in at high pressure, high temperature and an extreme corrosive atmosphere. It was required to keep the probe physically small and to work with high end resistant materials.The different metal alloys used for this need to be bonded together with an electrical insulator. The insulating bonding material should give a gas tight seal up to 325 barg at operating temperatures of 450°C.

Flowid realised such fouling probe made out of different types of Inconel and Hastelloy. Due to thermic expansion differences between these metals, it turned out that a gas tight and electrical insulting seal at those temperatures and pressures was extremely challenging. In cooperation with multiple partners, Flowid tested several techniques of which only one showed to be feasible.

Extensive testing proved the functionality of the probe at the required harsh conditions.