Chimex is a French company that designs, develops, and markets increasingly eco-friendly processes for the fine chemical, biotech, and cosmetic industries. Flowid has recently engineered and realised the construction of a dosing skid for Chimex. The skid complies with ATEX regulations and is constructed completely using highly chemically resistant materials. The configuration comprises two high-end dosing pumps with incorporated flow controllers, a continuous plate reactor, pressure and temperature transmitters, and comes with an integrated control interface in the form of a touchscreen.

Flowid and Chimex have joined forces in realising a complete setup that meets all demands; due to its desired multi-purpose character, it was designed as a compact, transportable and enclosed skid. In addition, the electronics and digital control in the touchscreen interface has been made completely compatible with ATEX regulations. In this way, it was ensured that the skid can be used at any desired pilot- or production location, while electronic and mechanical safety devices guarantee the safe operation of the setup.

Chimex’s New Technology Lab is performing innovative research in the field of chemical engineering and process development using novel types of continuous reactors. These new types of reactors are used to scale-up chemical processes under process intensified conditions that have been demonstrated on lab scale to be highly promising. In order to run these scale-up trials in a successful manner, it is paramount that the accurate and real-time control of temperature, pressure and constant flow rate is guaranteed.

Flowid is a company which specialises and holds expertise in the field of very accurate control of these parameters in continuous flow reactors; in the end, the heart of every continuous process is formed by its pumps, or dosing systems. The accuracy and stability of these flows is thus key in evaluating the overall process performance. Having already built dozens of dosing systems, Flowid knows how to deliver an optimal solution that is easy to use. Fluids and gasses can be dosed in a highly controlled manner, pulse free, even at high pressures.