Heterogeneous Catalysis in the SpinPro Reactor

Heterogeneous catalysis is of paramount importance in chemical industry, but it often involves incorporating difficult and mass transfer limited unit operations. The SpinPro Reactor has proven itself to drastically increase solid-liquid mass transfer rates, while simultaneously tackling the problems involved in downstream solids handling. The SpinPro consists of three rotor-stator stages in series. Each compartment [...]

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Brightlands Chemelot Campus getting plant with revolutionary green chemical technology

Flowid from Eindhoven is constructing a small-scale plant at Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen. This so-called “Spin-in” project will cost 1.7 million euros, over 700,000 of which is provided as funding from the South Netherlands Operational Program (OP South – “OP-Zuid” in Dutch). In the plant, the young company will be applying patented spinning-disk technology [...]

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