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The SpinPro R300; not your everyday Spinning Disc Reactor

The SpinPro reactor is based on patented rotor-stator spinning disc technology. Traditionally, two types of spinning disc reactors are known in chemical industry. The first, the thin film spinning disc reactor consists of a rotating disk in a large collection tank. Liquid is fed on top of the disc near the axis of rotation and flows [...]

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Chimex Dosing Skid

Chimex is a French company that designs, develops, and markets increasingly eco-friendly processes for the fine chemical, biotech, and cosmetic industries. Flowid has recently engineered and realised the construction of a dosing skid for Chimex. The skid complies with ATEX regulations and is constructed completely using highly chemically resistant materials. The configuration comprises two high-end [...]

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SpinPro R300 eliminates necessity of Hydrogen Sulphide in Multiphase reaction

The SpinPro reactor has recently been used on-site. Goal of this project was to experimentally determine the performance of the SpinPro reactor for a multiphase reaction between a gas and two liquid phases, one aqueous and one oil. The rate-limiting step in this process was believed to lie in the mass transfer steps; an ideal [...]

Flowid makes first sale of the SpinPro reactor to a client in India

SpinPro technology is more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly Dutch chemical technology company Flowid has made its first sale of a SpinPro reactor unit to a company in India last month. The unit, based on patented, award winning flow technology, is sold to a large Indian company, with prospects of several units more to be [...]

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SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India

Flowid BV and Pi Process Intensification are proud to announce the opening of our integrated SpinPro Reactor Lab test facility in India in November 2015. 'This test facility in New-Mumbai allows our customers to try their reaction(s) of interest on our SpinPro Reactor' comments Vijay Kirpalani of Pi-Process Intensification. SpinPro is a versatile SpinDisk Reactor [...]

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Yearly general political considerations 2015 – Flowid

https://youtu.be/I4RQ2UPnpig Labor party leader Diederik Samsom mentions Flowid during the general political considerations in the Dutch House of Representatives (de Tweede Kamer). He does this in a plea to invest in renewable energy and new, promising technologies. Samsom benoemt Flowid tijdens Beschouwingen in zijn oproep om te investeren in nieuwe kansrijke technologieën. "Mag ik [...]

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The contours of the hall begin to emerge

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Highest point Brighlands facilities reached

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Whitepaper: Successful Scale Up of Butyl-Lithium using the SpinPro Reactor

In a pursuit of improving safety and process efficiency, Biogen a top Biotech company collaborated with Proteaf Technologies and Flowid to scale up a highly hazardous lithium-halogen exchange followed by quench reaction sequence at ChemConnection, Oss, NL. The sequence demonstrated successful scale up of laboratory spinning disk technology to the SpinPro-- a production scale spinning [...]

Construction of the BioBased pilot plant has started

The construction of the BioBased pilot plant has started on the 30st of June 2015. These facilities will house the two skids containing the Spin-in project setups.

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