About Flowid

Flowid is breaking new ground by reducing the size of process equipment. We do this based on our own technology, but also by cooperating with partners, and integrating their technology in our solutions. The philosophy remains the same: to create small environments for precise control to boost process performance in terms of efficiency, safety and flexibility.

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Meet the founders:

Wouter Stam
Wouter StamFounder & Managing Director
My role within Flowid is financial and commercial management of Flowid. My added value is to combine people and their expertise in combination with a thorough analysis of the problem. To realize together a more efficient process industry.
Wessel Hengeveld
Wessel HengeveldFounder & Director Technology
I am the person that brings idea’s towards (technical) realisation. I assist my smart and skilled team of colleagues with executing projects. Our clients get introduced with technologies that are known for us, but new to them. Enabling them to do things differently, mostly resulting in efficient, flexible and safe processing.
Jeoffrey van den Berg
Jeoffrey van den BergFounder & Director
Can you think of a better job than building a company with the potential of changing industries for the better? I work with a team of highly motivated, ambitious, creative, enthusiast and conscious people to accomplish our goal. Within Flowid I keep my eyes wide open to identify new possibilities. I like to explain what we have accomplished, how we are about to proceed and how we can get you enthusiastic and involved!

Meet the team:

Frans Arts
Frans ArtsProcess Engineer
I am a chemical engineer with commercial experience. I like working on finding the best solution in a chemical / technical problem or issue. I have lots of experience with high-tech gas systems and liquid (metering) systems. I also have a lots of interest in sustainable energy. I am; responsible, creative and solution driven. I have a good listening attitude, broad technical interest, can properly structure information.
Henk Bats
Henk BatsSales & Marketing Executive
Do you believe that (chemical) processes can become more Efficient, Flexible and even Safer? I do! My 30+ year experience in the Chemical industry in different functions, as CEO, managing director, Sales & Marketing, New Business Development with Multinationals and SME’s strengthen my opinion.
Jonathan Janga
Jonathan JangaMechanical Engineer
Imca Janssens
Imca JanssensOffice Manager
My name is Imca Janssens and I enjoy working as Office Manager at Flowid.
We making the process industry industry safer, more flexible and more efficient. I am self-employed herein, cooperating, initiating administrative centipede, which Flowid get more insight into the financial administration and relieves my colleagues.
Martin de Visser
Martin de VisserProcess Operator
I’m not the type that can sit still, there’s always something I can or want to do as Flowid’s procesoperator. I try to achieve the best possible results. Because of my positive attitude and enthusiasm, I am excited but also directly, my honesty is paramount. When solving a problem, I know how to distinguish the difference between main and side issues. Given my background in the pharma I know how to handle responsibility and have stress resistance skills.
Meine Koeslag
Meine KoeslagProcess Engineer
I am a team player with a background in chemical engineering. I believe in helping to improve the sustainability of the (chemical) industry through process intensification and implementing high-tech solutions. I like working with a client to to optimise the process, analysing the process parameters to come up with the best solution that improves the stability, safety and reproducibility of the process.

Meet our partners: